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ساکنان دریا بعد از مدتی صدای امواج دریا را نمی شنوند
چه تلخ است قصه ی عـــــــــــــادت

After a while, the residents of the sea do not hear the sound of the waves.
How bitter it is, the story of routine.

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Patterns by William Morris, part III.

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slightly older female friends are truly a force for good in this world

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Everyone is freaking out about Gilmore Girls being on Netflix but like I bought all 7 seasons on DVD from ebay in 2008 for $60 and it was one of the best purchases I ever made and I just watch it in a constant rotation and I am currently on season 5 sooooooo…

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the x files + tumblr posts

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Imagine Harry and Ginny a few months into their marriage and they’re so happy and in love and then one day they go shopping for food and household items and Harry just casually grabs certain items before Ginny hisses at him to "Check the prices, Harry, God! That bed set is far…

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My goal is to be that rich single aunt that flies everywhere and wears designer clothing and brings expensive gifts to her less successful family members

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"Harsh verbal discipline" on the part of a parent increases a child’s risk for depression and aggressive behavior, and is "not uncommon," according to the research, which was published online earlier this week in Child Development. The disciplinary techniques in question include yelling, cursing and humiliation — defined as "calling the child dumb, lazy, or something similar."

The study even suggests that verbal reprimands can have the same impact on children as physical punishment: “the negative effects of verbal discipline within the two-year period of [the] study were comparable to the effects shown over the same period of time in other studies that focused on physical discipline,” a press release from the University of Pittsburgh, where the study’s lead author is an assistant professor, explains.

Yelling At Kids Could Be Just As Harmful As Physical Discipline, Study Suggests (via fuckyeahradicaled)